Islaahi Kalisiya-e-Pakistan


We, the Reformed Church of Pakistan, are dedicated to advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of mission endeavors. Our mission initiatives include:

  • Local Evangelism: Sharing the message of salvation with communities throughout Pakistan.
  • Church Planting: Establishing new churches and bolstering burgeoning Christian communities.
  • Camps and Retreats: Hosting camps and retreats to nurture faith and fellowship among believers of all ages.
  • Literature Distribution: Providing resources and materials to spread the teachings of the Reformed faith.
  • Sunday Schools: Equipping teachers and organizing weekly classes to educate and inspire the next generation.
  • Special Programs: Tailoring initiatives for children, youth, and women to address specific needs and promote spiritual growth. Basic Computer Training and Spoken English Courses were extended to Christian youth in prior years. An initiative has also commenced to provide schooling at the Fellowship pre-school and primary level for children in the Tharparkar region of Sindh Province — one of the poorest areas of Pakistan. Children are actively engaged in memorizing Bible verses and Christian hymns as part of this initiative.
  • Regular Seminars: Organizing regular gatherings and events to deepen understanding and commitment to our faith.
  • Digital Platforms: Utilizing platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube to share messages of hope and inspiration with a global audience.
  • Reformation Convention: Every year, we organize the Reformation Convention, a comprehensive event comprising the General Synod Meeting, SRTS Convocation, Great Commission Conference, Open Evangelistic Services, and Outreach programs.

In 2021, the Sutlej Reformed Theological Seminary was established to equip individuals called to serve in pastoral ministry and those aspiring to serve the Lord in various capacities. This institution operates under the supervision of a dedicated Board of Directors, accountable to the General Synod. The seminary provides comprehensive academic programs specifically designed to train pastors, Christian workers, church planters, and professors.

To aid pastors and ministry workers in effective communication, weekly household visitations within congregations, and mission trips to new areas, they have been provided with 70CC motorcycles and smartphones.

Furthermore, we are actively involved in initiatives to uplift and support Christian women and young girls. Through programs like Home-based Sewing Centers and our Shelter Home Program, we aim to provide practical assistance and a safe haven for those facing challenging circumstances. These programs also include catechism classes.

In previous years, the Reformed Church of Pakistan has not only been actively involved in supporting individual missionaries within Pakistan but has also extended its support to missions in Rwanda and Italy.

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