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Dr. Stephen Dray’s ‘Praying the Psalms’ Translated into Urdu: Pre-Orders Open!

Great news! Dr. Stephen Dray’s “Praying the Psalms” is now available in Urdu!

As we near the completion of printing, we’re excited to offer pre-orders.

To secure your free PDF copy of “Praying the Psalms” in Urdu, contact us today. if you prefer a printed edition, it’s available at no cost; you’ll only need to cover the postage expenses.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your spiritual journey with this invaluable resource!

About the Author:
Rev. Dr. Stephen Dray was ordained to Christian ministry 45 years ago and has been a minister in London and Southend-on-Sea in the United Kingdom as well as having been a teacher in a Bible School. He also serves as an International Representative for the Reformed Church of Pakistan and chairs the board of directors at the Sutlej Reformed Theological Seminary.
Dr. Dray, a Cambridge University graduate, also holds doctorates from the United Kingdom, France and the USA. An editor and author of many books and articles, he specializes in Old Testament studies, the interpretation of the Bible and the history and practice of Christian spirituality. He has also published books on the history of the evangelical church of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

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